APRIL 27 - MAY 09, 2006

DAY 11, Sunday, May 7, 2006

Up and out and on the road. Overcast until Albuquerque. It was the strangest thing.... rolling plains and grasslands from Amarillo west - seemingly forever! Then, almost at the border with Texas, no more than 10 miles from the state line, it was like mother nature drew a line in the dirt... it suddenly all changed as I topped a mesa, and became scrub desert! It was just amazing how quickly it changed from grasslands to desert. A lot of driving, not much sightseeing except for what I saw out the windows of the truck, and at the rest stops. Note to self: No more Dairy Queens! Especially the one at the Flying C or whatever it was called. Yucky! And it made my insides unhappy - several stops to visit the throne after lunch. Next time, stick to Subway! Stopped at the car museum, and checked out some really cool cars. Even saw a truck like one I used to own as a teenager. Of course, mine never looked as nice as this one! Pictures 12-16 are that truck. This one was made into a 4X4, and mine was just a stock pickup, but it was nice to see one done up like that. Back at the Red Roof Inn in Gallup tonight, nice room again. Heater was a bit noisy. Tomorrow, Meteor Crater, and possibly Hoover Dam. If I go to Hoover, I'll probably stay at Buffallo Bill's in Primm. I'll have to check out that slot machine, and see if it still likes me!
UPDATE - The slot machine did NOT remember me, or did not like me. I even tried talking nice to it! ;-)

Day 12