APRIL 27 - MAY 09, 2006

Audio log, Day 1

DAY 1, Thursday, April 27, 2006
The Magical Mystical Road Trip 2006 began just after 9am. I hit the freeway and headed for Los Angeles, the first stop on my great adventure. Down to Simi Valley, California, and the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum. The facility sits on a hilltop, and is quite scenic. There were a few tour groups on the grounds, and some folks who drove in like me. I entered the museum and began a nice walking tour, looking at Reagan memorabilia. There's a lot of stuff from his movie days, and his political career. The museum contains a re-creation of the Oval Office as it appeared during Reagan's term. I found it to be smaller than I had expected. My impression from television and movies was of a larger space, but the actual office is rather compact. My next stop was the Air Force One display. One of the actual planes has been placed on display, and tours of the interior are given. The limo used by President Reagan, a Secret Service Suburban, and a Los Angeles Police car are displayed to present a motorcade effect. Marine One is parked close by, and there is a lunch and souvenir stand on the lower level. I finished my visit with a stop at Reagan's tomb. It was interesting to see the actual layout of the place, after having seen his funeral on television.
Now Dispatch Bear and I head out to the east, destination Kingman, Arizona! We got rained on a bit in the Victorville area, but nothing serious. Barstow, then Interstate 40, and Historic Route 66! At a rest stop along the freeway, I made a pit stop, and when I came back to the truck, I saw the most unusual sight of the whole trip! I was pulled up to a higher than normal curb, and there on the cement, in front of my truck's bumper, were several small birds, plucking dead bugs from the chrome and plastic of the bumper! There was one bird hanging upside down from the plastic grill, having a feast on the bugs! I've never seen such a thing.... and they all flew off as I neared the truck. Back on the road, Kingman here I come!
I was pretty tired as I rolled into Kingman, so I picked the first hotel I ran across. This can be an expensive way to select hotels! I stayed at the new Hampton Inn, and paid a pretty penny for it. I must say, however, that it was a very nice hotel, with friendly staff. But my next stop will be a lot cheaper!

Day 2